Spero 7"

New Cindertalk release:

Limited Edition 7” single SPERO, on beautiful white vinyl.

I’m excited to be putting this out on Record Store Day! Also available at www.cindertalk.bandcamp.com.

A song inspired during my time joining efforts to combat child-trafficking. A portion of the proceeds to benefit Love146.


Don Jon Score Featurette


Making the music for Don Jon

Here’s a little featurette that my friend Cat put together about the making of the score for Don Jon. I had so much fun working with Joe on this film, along with my core team of Judson CraneSon Lux, and Jonny Rodgers.I know the movie has been out for a while, but if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out. It’s a really unique project with great performances and a really fresh approach to the music and editing process which reflects Joe’s skill as both a finely-tuned collaborator and director.

My good friend, composer Nathan Johnson, on scoring Don Jon with Ryan Lott, Judson Crane, myself and the ever creative Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

(via themadeshop)

CounterCurrent Festival

I’m performing my first CINDERTALK show as a joint-performance with Todd Reynolds at Houston’s arty CounterCurrent festival on April 9th!

Free event. Way cooler than I’ll take the time to describe here. Trust me. 112 Milam Street, Houston. 9pm. Reserve a space by emailing rsvp@countercurrentfestival.org.

I’m Changing My Name

So this is kind of a big deal, and it’s been in the works for a long time.  I’ll be performing under a new name from now on.


Because I’ve been performing in so many different places, sometimes solo and sometimes with a band.  Now I have a name to tie all this awesome stuff and these great people together.

What does Cindertalk mean?

My wife Desirea and I live in a house heated by firewood.  On winter mornings we rebuild the fire, and sometimes, though it looks dead, you can hear the glassy murmuring of live coals hidden in the ash – hot enough to start a blazing fire if only the right fuel is added.  I call that sound Cindertalk.  It’s a beautiful metaphor, no?

What else is changing?

I’ll still be performing using glass, electronics and guitars.  But I’ll also be adding other members for tours from time to time, and inviting some of my favorite musicians to contribute to my albums more often.  Kind of an ever-shifting-collective with me weaving it all together.

First Cindertalk news:

I’m releasing a NEW SINGLE on vinyl for record store day, 4/19.

I have a CINDERTALK FACEBOOK PAGE come on over and like it, even though your Facebook account is probably already freaking you out with its unmanageableness and over connectedness.

Film Score Contributions

via sonlux:

“The Toronto International Film Festival just announced their lineup of Special Presentations for this year. I’m very pleased to report that two films I worked on, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby and Don Jon are on the list!

I composed the music for Disappearance, which is actually a double-feature. It’s my first feature film score. The movie, starring Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy, is two unique films that tell the same story, but from different perspectives (“Him” and “Her”). The films work independently of one another, and can play in either order. I did some really geeky things with the score, which I’ll write about later.

Don Jon was scored by Nathan Johnson, but I got to help him a bit by making synths and beats and co-writing a banger for a few club scenes. Nathan and I worked together extensively on his score for last year’s Looper. Don Jon is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut, and stars Scarlett Johansson, Tony Danza, Julianne Moore and Joe.”

Two films that I contributed to (Glass and Guitar playing) are showing at the Toronto Film Fest this year. Both are in general release in the fall – excited y’all!